The GC Secret

You have two options:

#1- The Hard Way :(

  • Pay $4 a card and do it yourself


#2- The Easy & Better Way :)

  1. Pay $2 a card (50% OFF)
  2. We do the work for you- Send us a photo and your spreadsheet to and we'll format everything. You revise everything and yes you can make any changes you need.
    • You just personalize the cards you want
     3. And Enjoy GratiCard's ~ First Year of Marriage Bonuses ~
  • A vacation certificate- If you plan on traveling at all in the next two years this is for you! A second honeymoon, baby-moon, or vacay to Mexico, Bali, Thailand or the US!
  • A $300 Hotel Savings Card- Quit paying full price at hotels. Get a discount on already discounted prices on our exclusive website w/ unique deals at over 400k locations worldwide.
  • Dining vouchers- Plan on eating in marriage right?! (Duh!) Our large digitla coupon book gives deals from fine dining to fast food all over the US & Canada.
  • Secret Files- Use our tips, tricks, & insights to avoid common thank you card mistakes and to look classy! If your late to the thank you card game or wanting some quick helpful insights, we got you covered.
  • GratiCard's Lifestyle- Our small list of challenges, prompts and principles will spark your marriage and bring you closer together. Be prepared to laugh, have fun, and be a little vulnerable!
  • 30 Day Guarantee- Relax, this is all risk free.
    • We set it up. You save $$$ and get all these bonuses.

(Learn more about these optional bonuses here)