5-star: Sounded too good to be true. Express my sincere appreciation... in a fraction of the time.

After my wedding, my life was really busy

and writing thank you cards just loomed on

my conscience. Don’t get me wrong—I was

truly, truly grateful to everyone who came to

our wedding and for all their generosity. It was

just daunting to think about writing to each

one to express that. When I heard about

Graticards, it sounded too good to be true—write

sincere thank you cards in a fraction of the time.

I worried that a largely-automated process like

this would result in impersonal cards. (But, let

me tell ya, after handwriting a few cards, I could

already tell I was going to end up saying most

of the same things anyway…not to sound insincere…

I was just grateful to a lot of people for a lot of

the same things!) Anyway, my point is—Graticards

speeds up that process exponentially, leaving you

with more time to go through and personalize the

cards you want. So honestly, I think Graticards is a

win-win…I’m able to express my sincere gratitude

to those I love and do so in a fraction of the time!

- Elisabeth

5-star: It's intuitive. Cards are finished in a timely manner without losing the personal touch.

"Graticards is a fantastic tool! Really intuitive to use.

An awesome platform for getting those thank you

cards out in a timely manner without losing the

personal touch. Love it!"

- Nicole


5-star: GratiCards fit into my busy life. 

"So life is busy and gc helped me work on my

cards when I had time. I started it one night for

like 2 minutes and was slammed for a few days.

I came right back and finished the process and

personalized most of the cards I wanted and then

finished them that weekend. Maybe two hours in

total over the space of 10 days.

Graticards was a lifesaver and I'd use it all over again!"

- Monica