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The Wedding Thank You Card Solution for Newlyweds
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Wedding Thank You Cards Finished in a fraction of the time

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted
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Buy Now, Save Money & Get Store Credit
It's kinda like stamps from the post office...

Buy your cards today (at a discount) and we'll send you store credit to use at check out.

Make Your Cards
Our 4 step process will make EVERY single thank you card in under 3 minutes.

    1.Pick Your Picture
    2. Make Your Message
    3. Load Your List
    4. Customize Your Card

We Mail the Cards For You
After you check out, you're done! We'll print, stamp & send every card to each recipient.

Watch How Easy It Is...

246 Thank You Cards made in under 3 minutes!

Our 4-step process helps you:

1. Show your heartfelt gratitude in a fraction of time.
2. Personalize your messages without painful hand cramping.
3. Say 'thank you' right after the wedding. No more embarrassment.

Frequently ask questions

It’s just a type of spreadsheet (excel file). GratiCards uses it to add names, addresses, and gifts to your cards. Need help converting your file? Click here to learn how.