Hi guys!

We're Rebecca & Logan

We got married in August of 2017!

After the honeymoon of a lifetime, 

we returned to the daunting task of

writing 246 thank you cards.

This probably sounds familiar, right?!



Like most couples, we told each other,

"Babe, we can finish those this weekend... no problem."

Well... we said that for 5 months :/

And sent half of them.

And again told each other,

"Babe, we can finish the rest this weekend... no sweat."

And then, waited until the last second

(married 12 months), to send the rest.

Pretty embarrassing!



Sure... lots was going on: 





NetFlix 📽️...🤭

We kept pushing it back

and back and BACK. Life got in the way.


Bottom line:

The longer we waited,

the more embarrassed we were

and less grateful we felt.


The appreciation we felt on our perfect day

was NOT the appreciation we showed to

those we love most, our friends and family.



We spoke to other couples who had the same dilemma.

Couples 'didn't have the time', and honestly dreaded the

never-ending task... and even worse... their loved ones sensed it  😯



SOOOOOOO.....We did something about it.




Our simple 4 step process makes it EASY for newlyweds 

to show heartfelt thanks soon after their wedding.❤️



Once you're done we do the heavy lifting by:

Printing 🖨️

Stamping 💮

& sending the cards for you! 🚛


FYI- we don't just have any

ordinary production process:

The quality of the paper cuts through

the noise of 'junk-mail'. 📜

It feels thick and sturdy, reflecting your

appreciation and thoughtfulness.

And the glossy paper makes your

picture pop 👀becoming an iconic

memory in the mind of your loved ones.

And all of this puts you in the category

of, "one classy couple."


Mission accomplished... 


well... almost ⬇️



Now, here's the part that counts...


What do your friends and family think

of receiving a GratiCard?

Our thick and study cardstock tells them

that this is an important and meaningful

gift they are about to receive. Once they

see you and your spouse's picture they

instantly smile and admire who you are

and where you're heading in life. They love

you even more and you just validated their

decision to support you. Then they begin to read

your letter and notice that it's:

Legible (sorry guys 😜)

Lengthy (our process helps you avoid generic one-liners effortlessly)

Thoughtful (Our two tips connect your memory to the keyboard making the card feel like your speaking face-to-face)



Ultimately, the thank you card will be,

what we call, 'fridge-worthy'.

People will gladly hang your thank you

note where it's visible because of how it

made them feel and ultimately showing their

respect, love, and admiration for you & your spouse!



You see, that's what this is all about.





We live in a busy world that distracts us.

Distracting us from the important things in life.



GratiCards combines 3 things:

Your most important relationships

The most important day of your life &

The immense amount of appreciation that you feel from your wedding

and blends them all together quickly and beautifully!



And now you live happily ever after 😍


But seriously, we know how important this final step is

and GratiCards 'ties the bow' on your wedding!



We look forward to blessing you and your spouse's life!



Please reach out to us with any questions

or help you may need.



Congrats again!

Rebecca & Logan


Let's start your thank you cards now!